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cdec won a large-scale three-dimensional pig breeding plant project
  • 2020/12/16
  • from:chengdu engineering co., ltd. of china light indus

recently, cdec signed a large-scale pig breeding plant construction project, indicating that cdec has the design and service capabilities of the whole industry chain from breeding, slaughtering, processing to cold chain and logistics in the livestock industry.


the project is located in jianyang city, and a 6,000 breeding sow farm will be constructed, which can provide 150,000 commercial pigs annually. the pig farm is designed in accordance with eu standards and has the characteristics of fully enclosed, semi-slatted, fully automatic, and intelligent, which can realize the separation of wet and dry manure and sewage, and is equipped with vertical fermentation tanks, planting and breeding cycles, so as to maximize the use of resources . 

adopting the most advanced three-dimensional farming mode, the project can realize intensive land use. at the same time, the project will build a precise environmental perception system, a precise feed feeding system, a harmless pig breeding and waste resource utilization system, to integrate low-carbon, environmental protection, safety and intelligence.


as a professional design and engineering company in light industry, cdec has rich experience in the whole industry chain of livestock industry, and is capable of providing owners with high-quality services including project planning, consulting, design, supervision/project management, project general contracting and whole-process consulting. during the “14th five-year plan” period, cdec takes ecological agriculture industry as one of its key development directions. at the end of the “13th five-year plan”, the signing of the project can lay a good foundation for cdec’s expansion in the field of ecological agriculture.