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yibin paper industry relocation project (phase i) project oxygen air compressor station - air compressor unit test run successfully
  • 2014/11/12
  • from:chengdu engineering co., ltd. of china light industry

on november 7, 2014, the oxygen compressor station-air compressor unit of yibin paper co., ltd., the first phase of the whole relocation technical reform project, was successfully tested and operated well, and all the mechanical and performance indexes met the requirements of the contract. yibin paper co., ltd. chairman yi cong, vice president liang hao, wang picheng, zhou xiaochuan and xing zhimin congratulated the success of the test in person. general manager assistant luo jianxiong and on-site staff participated in the test.

oxygen air pressure station is the sub-item of the general contract project of yibin paper chemical slurry production line, which is responsible for providing qualified compressed air for the whole plant instrument and process. the successful operation of the air compressor unit has the ability to supply gas to the whole plant, which creates favorable conditions for the commissioning and operation of the self-provided thermal power station and paper making workshop. chemical pulp production line is currently under intensive installation construction, and is expected to be debugged in mid-december.

the employees of the project team of yibin paper chemical pulp are careful, strict and scientific in each link of the project management. their hardworking spirit and work results have won the unanimous praise of the owners, and light industry company of chengdu has also been highly recognized by the owners.