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cdec held yibin paper industry (phase i) engineering pulp line epc project wrap-up session
  • 2016/1/28
  • from:chengdu engineering co., ltd. of china light indus

on january 22 and 23, cdec held yibin paper industry phase i engineering pulp line epc  project wrap-up session.

the epc project of yibin paper industry phase i engineering pulp line is the epc project with the largest contract amount undertaken by cdec so far. the project was contracted in june 2013 and was successfully delivered in july 2015, lasting for 25 months. the project consists of three parts: cooking section, washing and screening section and oxygen air compressor station. the main body has complex process, long process flow, large number of equipment, miscellaneous types, high degree of automation and high requirements for design of various specialties, which are quite difficult and challenging. the project team has overcome the difficulties such as lack of experience in the general contract project and difficult on-site conditions. through careful operation, scientific management, control of major quality, zero accidents in safe production, the project progress, project quality and service attitude of cdec have been highly praised by the owners and won a good public praise for cdec. and won a good reputation for cdec. in may 2015, members of the board of directors of the group visited the project site for investigation.

at this stage work summary meeting, the professional leaders of the project reported on the design and construction of the relevant specialties, analyzed the problems existing in the implementation of the project and the solutions, and summarized the experiences and lessons learned; the person in charge of the project summarizes the technical quality, site management, cost control and other aspects, and puts forward measures to improve the insufficient work in the early stage, so as to prepare for the final completion of the project assessment and acceptance. the project has a great effect on cdec to accumulate the experience of general contracting engineering, improve the general contracting ability with design as the leader, and train the general contracting business talents.

wang kangjian, general manager of cdec, fully affirmed the successful implementation of the project after listening to the reports of all parties, and expressed appreciation to the members of the project team for their hard work and dedication. wang kangjian pointed out that the focus of cdec’s structural adjustment and transfer mode is the general contracting of the project, and all departments should fully draw lessons from the experience of yibin project and focus on the total package to ensure the realization of the goal of steady growth.

after the meeting, cdec’s leaders and department directors focused on production and operation, and had a full discussion on business development, cost control, cost reduction and efficiency improvement.