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guizhou moutai transfer center and related projects were successfully put into operation
  • 2016/9/22
  • from:chengdu engineering co., ltd. of china light industry

the “application and transfer center and related engineering projects” of guizhou moutai liquor co., ltd. which was designed by our company went into production successfully. maotai group, moutai shares, our company’s designers and project participants attended the grand ceremony.

the net land of this project covers 6.18 acres, and the total construction area is 14,400 square meters, up to 40,000 tons of annual blending capacity. the project functions include blending, storage, body research and new product development, which is the key construction project in the “12th five-year” plan of guizhou maotai liquor co., ltd.

after undertaking the overall planning and design of the project, cdec immediately appointed the designers to the site of the project, and fully understood the current production , blending process, the requirements and problems to be solved of the owners for the new blending center of moutai stock company in three months. cdec also surveyed the topography of the project , according to the requirements of the owners, after repeated communication with the owners, the construction plan of the project was finally determined. at the same time, cdec also made further analysis and innovation of the process. through the real-time monitoring and control of liquor blending production process, the “management and control integration” of equipment control, process control and production control is achieved. the production of enterprises is promoted to the direction of “high quality, safety, low consumption and circulation”, and the degree of automation in this traditional industry was increased, so was the labor productivity. the accuracy and stability of blending are high, which obviously reduces the production and operation cost of liquor production enterprises and brings good economic benefits to customers. at present, the achievement has attracted close attention of domestic counterparts, attacting a number of liquor enterprises to visit and communicate.