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cdec signed comprehensive technical innovation design project with sichuan pixian bean sauce co., ltd.
  • 2017/8/22
  • from:chengdu engineering co., ltd. of china light indus

recently, our company and sichuan pixian bean sauce co., ltd. formally signed a contract to start the comprehensive technical innovation project design work of “juancheng brand” in ande factory. the project will meet the national standards in terms of cleanliness, and the overall technical upgrading of ande factory will be carried out in accordance with the principle of red oil bean automation and traditional bean semi-automatic production.

pixian bean sauce is known as the “soul of sichuan cuisine”. sichuan pixian bean paste co., ltd. is a time-honored chinese enterprise with a history of 300 years, specializing in the production of pixian county bean paste. it is the leading enterprise in pixian county bean sauce industry and the only state-owned enterprise in the industry. its “juancheng brand” bean paste is exported to more than 200 countries and regions in the world. as the pixian bean sauce is a traditional brewing product, for a long time, the entire industry lacks investment in scientific research and technological breakthroughs, and the degree of mechanization and automation is low. most of the production process relies heavily on human, resulting in low productivity. every year, the sales order of “juancheng” pixian bean sauce cannot be produced due to insufficient production capacity. therefore, industry upgrading is imminent.

as a well-known light industry design engineering company in southwest china, our company has traditional comparative advantage in the field of food industry design. this is entrusted by the owner to undertake the design tasks including process, plant and some critical equipment, through the transformation to enhance the degree of mechanization automation of enterprise production, to get rid of the low productivity caused by excessive reliance on labor. taking the red oil production line as an example, there are more than 70 workers in packaging workshop before the technical reform. after the reform, the entire red oil production line will be basically unmanned except the inspectors and equipment inspectors. this is also the biggest breakthrough in this technical innovation, after that we will lead the entire bean paste industry. at the same time, artificial and machine methods will be adopted to keep the traditional pixian bean sauce flavor, and modern detection means will be used to improve food safety and ensure product quality.

the signing and implementation of this project has been reported by people's daily, chengdu daily and other media.