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cdec and shaanxi dade investment group jointly discussed the kyrgyzstan cowhide deep processing project
  • 2020/5/27
  • from:chengdu engineering co., ltd. of china light industry


on the morning of may 26, cui yuqi, secretary of the party committee and chairman of cdec, met with yao gaomin, chairman of dade investment group, and his party to discuss and exchange ideas on the launch of all-round cooperation in the kyrgyzstan cowhide processing project. the two parties conducted in-depth discussions on the investment philosophy and relevant contents such as project planning, design, standards and norms, and formed a preliminary cooperation plan. 


president cui yuqi first extended a warm welcome to chairman yao and his delegation, and introduced cdec's achievements in light industry and leather industry. he pointed out that since its establishment, cdec has been involved in industries including food, paper, leather, plastics, wine making, etc., with the leather industry as the focus of its development. cdec has been in charge of the compilation of “qb/t 6011-1995 design specification for leather and fur factories”, and is compiling the new design specification for leather and fur factories in 2020. over the years, following the needs of reform and opening up and national construction, inheriting the classics and combining with the needs of the times, cdec has been developing steadily, and its technical management, production operation and personnel allocation have been in the forefront of china, making a lot of contributions to the development of the national light industry.


yao gaomin, chairman of the board, introduced the basic situation of dade investment group and the project investment philosophy and construction ideas in detail. dade investment group is an enterprise engaged in project investment both at home and abroad for many years. the group has been rooted in central asia for many years. it has in-depth research on politics, economy, law, humanities and folklore in central asia, and has a deep understanding of the development of kyrgyzstan’s animal husbandry and cowhide industry. this plan is to invest in the construction of “first-class standard, first-class technology, first-class equipment, first-class environmental protection, first-class products” modern leather processing project in kyrgyzstan. it is planned to conduct technical cooperation with our company, and entrust our company to provide technical guidance and management talent recommendation for the smooth operation of the project in the later stage, and make new contributions to the implementation of the “belt and road” initiative through all-round cooperation.


afterwards, the two parties had a detailed discussion on the project plan and related technical details. in the next step, the two parties will continue to maintain close coordination and implement details as soon as possible to lay a solid foundation for the smooth progress of the project.

wang kangjian, deputy secretary of cdec’s party committee and general manager, and relevant personnel from the first engineering division accompanied the meeting.