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for the clear water of the river—luzhou laojiao wine making co., ltd. wastewater treatment station upgrade technical transformation project passed acceptance
  • 2019/12/31
  • from:chengdu engineering co., ltd. of china light indus

project background: located in the upper reaches of the yangtze river, luzhou city is the confluence of the yangtze river and its tributary tuojiang river. water pollution will seriously affect the middle and lower reaches of the yangtze river. sewage discharge and treatment has become a long-term problem in luzhou laojiao wine making base.


on december 9, 2019, the technical transformation project of the sewage station of luzhou laojiao designed by our company’s overseas engineering department successfully passed the inspection and acceptance of the government functional authorities, and passed the internal acceptance of luzhou laojiao on december 19, 2019.

this project is an epc project jointly contracted by our company and sichuan industrial equipment installation company. our company is mainly responsible for the engineering design of this project.

the project is located in the original sewage treatment station of luzhou laojiao, luohan town, longmatan district, with a daily treatment scale of 2000m3/d. the project is carried out in the original station for technical renovation, so there is a shortage of land and many restrictive factors for renovation. the composition of in-fluent water is complex. there are high concentration of organic matter in waste water, uneven water quality and water quantity, and less waste water output when production is stopped every year. in addition to meeting the sewage treatment process that meets the sewage treatment standards, the design must also comprehensively consider the use of the first phase of construction during the high temperature shutdown period (july to august each year) and the second phase of construction during the production period after the recovery period.


a view before renovation

the process of this project adopts advanced automatic control scheme, adopts hierarchical and distributed control mode for each process unit, and carries out centralized control in the control room, so as to ensure the concentration, stability and reliability of sewage treatment. the designed water quality requirements shall meet the direct discharge standard in table 3 of the "water pollutant discharge standard for fermented alcohol and liquor industry" (gb27631-2011). during the trial operation, the final discharge concentration is lower than the discharge limit.

the sewage station upgrading technical transformation project of luzhou laojiao successfully reached the standard and put into production, setting an industry benchmark for sewage treatment in the liquor industry, and also sending the best gift for the clear water of the river in 2020.




scene view of the construction