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to escort “the luban prize for construction project” with sincere service
  • 2019/12/26
  • from:chengdu engineering co., ltd. of china light industry

shanxi kunming tobacco co., ltd.’s “twelfth five-year” relocation technical transformation project and the bolivia san buenaventura sugar factory project that our company undertook to supervise won the “2018-2019 luban prize for china’s construction engineering " and "2018- 2019 luban prize for china’s construction project (overseas projects)”. the luban prize is the highest award of construction project quality in china, which represents the highest level of engineering construction quality and is the benchmark and national brand of engineering quality in china. this honor demonstrates cdec's supervision level, technical strength and company management level.

shanxi kunming tobacco co., ltd. “twelfth five-year plan” relocation technical transformation project: the construction area is 108,500 square meters, with a total investment of 1.593 billion yuan, including joint workshops, comprehensive buildings, power centers, warehouses and other auxiliary buildings. the integrated design of the project's raw material warehouse, comprehensive warehouse, joint workshop and comprehensive building is advanced in engineering design, energy-saving and environmental protection, with neat and beautiful equipment layout, exquisite workmanship and details. all systems have been running smoothly and normally since it was put into use. this award not only fully affirmed and highly recognized the work of our company in this project, but also set up a better reputation and image for our company in the light industry.




san buenaventura sugar factory project in bolivia (overseas project): the total investment of the project was 174,619,693 usd, with production capacity of 100,000l /d for wine making , and 15t /d for hydrolyzing bagasse. the construction period was 35 months. the contractor was china national engineering corporation, and the supervisor was china light industry chengdu design engineering co., ltd. the project started on september 6, 2012, and was successfully put into production and handed over in 2017. the project has greatly improved the sugar industry in the northern part of the country and has a profound impact on the economic development of the northern part of bolivia. cdec adheres to the original intention of construction and management of “unique technology, well-equipped, green and energy-saving and digital factory”. under the guidance of cdec’s leadership, all employees of the project supervision department worked together to overcome difficulties in technology, quality, and safe construction management to ensure the realization of project goals in quality, safety, investment, construction, and environment protection. the high affirmation and praise of cdec and the bolivian government have further expanded the space for our company to explore overseas markets.