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cdec holds “design specification for leather and fur factory” revision kick-off meeting
  • 2019/8/1
  • from:chengdu engineering co., ltd. of china light industry


recently, cdec held “design specification for leather and fur factory” revision kick-off meeting. lv heming, chief engineer of cdec presided over the meeting, and wang kangjian, general manager of cdec, yang chengshe, director of the technical quality department, and all the professional and technical personnels who participate in the revision attended the meeting.

the revision of the specification is established and implemented by china light industry engineering construction association in the ministry of industry and information technology. our company was responsible for the first drafting and is incharge of the revision. at the meeting, chief engineer lv heming made a brief introduction on the current standard status of light industry. general manager wang kangjian emphasized the importance of revision and proposed general requirements on the matters needing attention and progress of revision. leather professional senior engineer liu xu introduced the preliminary situation of the revision of this “specification” and the revised work rules. after discussion, the meeting finally decided to set up the specification revision team, identifying lv heming as the technical leader and liu xu as the revision work leader, defined the work scope and contents of each member of the team, and determined the next work plan.