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bean paste technological upgrading project in pixian county was completed as a symbol of intelligent design assistance in industrial upgrading
  • 2020/6/1
  • from:chengdu engineering co., ltd. of china light indus

on may 30, the completion ceremony of the pixian bean sauce technological transformation project undertaken by cdec was held. company leaders and related personnel were invited to attend the ceremony.

the pixian bean sauce is credited as the “soul of sichuan cuisine”. sichuan province pixian bean sauce co., ltd. is a chinese time-honored enterprise specializing in the production and processing of thick broad-bean sauce with 300 years of history. as a leading pixian county enterprise in bean sauce industry, it is the only state-owned enterprise in the industry. its subordinate “juancheng brand” bean sauce has been exported to more than 90 countries and regions in the world. as pixian bean sauce is a traditional brewing product, the entire industry has been short of scientific research investment and technological breakthroughs for a long time. with low degree of mechanization and automation, most of the production process is extremely dependent on manual labor, and the productivity is low. every year, “juancheng” alone has a sales order of 10 million yuan that cannot be produced due to insufficient production capacity. therefore, industry upgrading is imminent. the technological upgrading project lasted 780 days, focusing on research and argumentation of difficult issues including material transportation mode, sterilization, drying sheds, product packaging forms, etc. more than 30 research results are derived, including negative pressure transportation of petals and pepper mash, automatic recycle water complement in the fermentation tank, automatic opening control of greenhouses. it not only helps pixian bean sauce co., ltd to enhance its corporate image, food safety assurance capabilities, production capacity and efficiency, workshop informatization, production technology and automation, but also provides a demonstration for intelligent upgrading of bean sauce industry in pixian county.


the largest natural fermentation drying yard in asia: more than 700 fermentation tanks are neatly arranged in the intelligent sunshine drying yard of 18,000 square meters. the temperature, humidity, and oxygen content of the fermentation drying yard can be automatically monitored in real time. one-button opening and closure of sliding skylights, forced ventilation, and automatic stirring enable effective combination of traditional fermentation technology with advantages of modern automatic greenhouse control technology.


fully automatic packaging workshop: bottle unscrambling, bottle washing, filling, fastening closure, labeling, and unpacking are completed at one stretch. packing robots and palletizing robots operate quickly at their posts. the entire process is automated and intelligent, which has subverted people’s perception of pixian bean sauce production line.

leaders of the pidu district committee and district government, sichuan provincial department of culture and tourism, sichuan traditional culture promotion association and other relevant departments, as well as media such as ocean engine (jinri toutiao) attended the completion ceremony.

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