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queen’s valley, high in the mountains—a design brightening the landscape
  • 2020/10/28
  • from:chengdu engineering co., ltd. of china light indus


on the beautiful plateau of western sichuan, there is an ancient and traditional ethnic group called “jiarong tibetan”. “jiarong” means the valley of the queen. the girls of jiarong tibetan have thick eyebrows and big eyes and they are famous danba beauties. the young boys are good at singing and dancing, and their unique local folk songs are listed as provincial intangible cultural heritage.

project background


the “sigurah cultural city project” undertaken by cdec’s second engineering division is located in the famous siguniang mountain scenic area. featuring the traditional culture of the jiarong tibetan ethnic group, the project will be built into a tourism complex consisting of culture, commerce, performing arts, catering and accommodation. after its completion, the sigurah cultural city will become a window to showcase the non-hereditary heritage of the jiarong tibetan ethnic culture, greatly enrich the tourism industry of mount siguniang, boost the tourism development of mount siguniang, xiaojin county, and even southern aba prefecture. the perfect combination of “sightseeing tour”, “leisure tour”, “experience tour” and “cultural tour” in mount siguniang will also become a demonstration point for the new model of “culture tourism” and a demonstration point for tourism poverty alleviation.



高山上04.jpg 高山上05.jpg 高山上06.jpg

 ”rongzhong erjia performing arts center” 

 高山上07.jpg “tourist reception center” 

according to the designer of the project. 


 the design team aims to make the sigurah cultural city project a new name card for the sigurah cultural expo park and the mount siguniang scenic spot. the design team conducted a long-term collection of cultural heritage in various parts of the aba tibetan area in sichuan and visited jiarong tibetan cultural inheritance experts to make the project design reflect the jiarong tibetan cultural elements as far as possible. after several rounds of manuscripts, discussions, overthrow and redesign, the final presentation to the owner and all visitors of the society is a magnificent architectural work containing the origin of tibetan culture of jiarong and its totem.

the effect of the project has been fully affirmed by the owner and also highly praised by relevant leaders at all levels. the sigurah cultural city has also become a must-visit place for tourists from all over the country to go to the mount siguniang scenic area.

(by zhang xianbin, the second engineering division)



a brief overview of the china light industry chengdu cultural tourism project

in recent years, with the country expanding domestic demand and vigorously developing tourism to alleviate poverty, chengdu has helped the tourism industry to upgrade its quality and lit up green hills and clear waters with its design.


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