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to promote mutual understanding and win-win cooperation through exchanges company goes to food institute for business cooperation and communication
  • 2019/10/18
  • from:chengdu engineering co., ltd. of china light industry

in order to implement the strategic plan of sinolight corporation and practice the corporate values of openness and cooperation, recently, the staffs of cdec include chairman cui yuqi and general manager wang kangjian went to china national research institute of food and fermentation industries co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the food institute”) for business cooperation, and had a communication with general manager dong jianhui, deputy general manager lu jun and heads of relevant departments of the food institute.

after full communication, both parties reach the agreement that that they have strong complementarity in terms of core competence and business, and are in a position to establish a long and close cooperative relationship, especially in the food industry comprehensive consulting services, engineering construction services, product upgrade services, industry training, etc. there are unique conditions for cooperation, providing customers with whole life cycle processes and greatly increase the added value of their own services for engineering solutions.


in the early stage of this business cooperation, cdec’s main leaders accompanied the sinolight’s delegation to inspect and exchange, and jointly visited the seasoning production enterprises such as sichuan cuisine culture museum, sichuan unlon flavor industry and sichuan red lantern food co., ltd. designed by cdec. they went to shifang city to inspect the pickles industry such as daoquan and the pickled vegetables and visited qionglai city, sichuan province, the largest raw liquor base of chinese liquor, to inspect local famous wine enterprises, in addition, they had in-depth exchanges with qionglai city government officials and entrepreneur representatives to discuss the development of strategic cooperation.


during the conference, in view of the regional advantages of the sichuan brewing industry, the two parties reached a consensus to jointly build a southwest training base for brewing technology training, to give full play to the technical advantages of the food institute in industry services, as well as the engineering design and turnkey service advantages of cdec, to jointly build a service model through the whole industry chain of the food sector and provide comprehensive technical service package integration services for the industry, so as to achieve the purpose of empowering the real economy with science and technology and the synergistic development of both sides.